Launth the world into your brand

About Us

A network that works

A network should get you, not the other way around. We keep communication simple while offering sophisticated solutions for your brand to thrive. And a conversation about your business, where we listen, discuss, and determine a plan of action for only what you need, is the best way to start. You’ll enjoy a collaborative relationship with our entire network through a single point of contact.

Your customers are one of us

Thanks to the vast media properties of MJH Life Sciences™, we have direct access to millions of HCP and patient relationships. That means your customers are our partners, and our insights can be your insights. And better yet, we capitalize on those insights in real time to create bigger ideas to maximize brand potential.

Living Creative®

A daring new way of working
What it is

It’s bold. It’s how we approach every aspect of what we do for you. Whether it’s strategy, creative, or tactics, we sit down with our HCPs and patients, and work on ideas together.

Why it works

When you put ideas into market research, you’re asking customers to be critics. But when you ask customers to help create with you, they become accountable and invested. And that’s why the ideas resonate more: Living Creative® transforms customers from critics to champions.

How it drives success

Having input from our partners right from the start makes the work stronger. Strategies are fully vetted. Creative concepts come to life charged and ready to persuade. Tactics have a proven ability to change behaviors. Living Creative® is work that comes with success built in.

What do we do? We’re glad you asked.

All networks claim they offer the basics—the breadth of services that are cost of entry in our business. Not only do we provide the basics, but we go beyond with proprietary offerings proven to produce work that works smarter.

Strategic Services

Commercial Strategy
Brand Strategy
Medical Strategy
Franchise Strategy
Journey Maps/Personas
Brand Archetypes
Brand Architecture


Market Analytics & Reports
Market Access
Online Media Assets
Closed-Loop Marketing
Interactive Visual Aids
Website Development
Pharmacy Initiatives


Big Creative Ideas
Brand Hallmarks
Science Branding
Tactical Development


Community Activation
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Virtual Reality

Beyond the Basics

Long-term commercial planning

Based on insights developed by our agencies, we plot a series of current and future mindsets along a continuum, and then create strategies and tactics designed to take customer mindsets from least engaged to most engaged over a specific time period.

“Branding isn’t just something you do at launch. Every step a brand takes during its lifecycle must stay true to its identity.”

Living Creative®: Collaborating with
HCPs and patients

Our access to a vast number of HCPs and patients enables us to “co-create” with them in real-time. Having input from our partners right from the start makes strategy, creative concepts, and tactics stronger by nature.

“You don’t want to get far down the road and discover that ideas don’t resonate. Rather, you want to know ahead of time that the work engages in ways you intend.”

Assessing your equity

Every brand indexes on a set of values that represent how customers relate to it. We can show you how you stack up against your own strategic ambitions and/or those of your competition.

“Brands are flattering reflections of customers’ values. Command the values, and you can beat the competition at its own game.”

Brand Archetyping

Based on benchmarking previous brands and launches, together we identify which scenario best suits your brand, and how it should behave in the market to maximize success.

“Your brand isn’t the only one in history to face your opportunities. Learn what works and what doesn’t before you make a move.”

Omnichannel Marketing

Using online influencer marketing evolves your brand story through trusted storytellers. We listen, educate, and engage across channels to deliver personalized content at key moments that create maximum impact.

“Your customers are seeking content. We must go beyond content consumption to drive actions and influence behaviors.”

How we go to market