Powerfully connected to every corner of the healthcare community

Accelerating insights into action

Have you ever wanted…

  • to use your customer segmentation to screen market research participants?

  • to make sure you don’t have the same participants in research over and over?

  • to apply unstructured data to get to the real truth about your customers?

  • more than just data—but actionable data that you can really use?

Now, HRA is leading the way for obtaining answers through research, allowing you to truly understand how your customers think. Tap into your customers—and what’s real about your brand—by leveraging HRA’s ability to gain real-time feedback that is meaningful and actionable. Take advantage of insights gained by analyzing the behavior of the 5.4 million unique users of our properties and benefit from direct access to key stakeholders at anytime. With over 40 years of experience, HRA provides you with open access to an extensive NTWK of healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to inform your unique marketing communications strategy.

Modified primary and secondary research

A variation of traditional research, strategically focused on insights by customer segment


Tap into our proprietary database of thousands of community-based physicians


powered by TrueVoice

Utilizing unstructured data to provide a brand narrative




Our PLD database helps us understand data consumption and preferences so we can deliver valuable content in a meaningful way

Experience the power of Truth Serum NTWKTM and watch your brand come to life.